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Dadnab Extends Transit Texting Service to Southern California


Los Angeles, CA (March 16, 2009) — Southern California commuters are now using text messaging to plan their trips on public transportation.  Transportation startup Dadnab ( is the first to provide such a service to riders throughout the region.


A Dadnab user in Southern California sends an SMS text message from a mobile phone to, specifying an origin, destination, and optional departure or arrival time in the message.  The service replies with an itinerary for reaching the desired destination, including which bus or train to take, at which location, at what time.


Dadnab serves Los Angeles and surrounding counties, connecting Orange, Pasadena, Laguna Beach, and dozens of other cities.  The service is multi-modal, so its itineraries can contain a mix of modes of public transportation.  For example, it might suggest using a bus for the first leg of the trip and transferring to rail to reach the desired destination in as short a time as possible.


A frequent rider of public transportation, entrepreneur Roger L. Cauvin created the service to address the frustration he felt studying bus schedules and not having convenient access to web-based trip planners while he was traveling.


Terra Avery is a Los Angeles resident and has used Dadnab. "When I lived in Austin, my friend Raquel and I needed to catch a ride downtown, and we had no idea how to get there.  By texting Dadnab from my phone, we got step-by-step directions,” Avery says.  “I’m glad Dadnab is now available in Southern California.”


Dadnab's Web site has instructions, examples, and support.  There is no charge for the service, but carriers’ standard text messaging rates apply.


The service is also available in Austin, the San Francisco bay area, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Portland, Seattle, and the tri-state New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area.

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