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Austin’s Dadnab launches free text messaging service for Capital Metro riders


AUSTIN, TEXAS (June 10, 2007) — Austin startup Dadnab ( has launched a free service that helps Austinites plan trips using public transportation. Dadnab is the first and only service that enables mobile phone users to obtain Capital Metro route information through text messaging.


A Dadnab user sends a text message with an origin and destination to Seconds later, the user receives a text message with the optimal Capital Metro routes and times to get to the desired destination.


Roger L. Cauvin, founder and operator of the service, is a longtime Austin resident and frequent user of public transportation.


Prior to creating the Dadnab service, it was hard for me to use public transportation on the go;  I had trouble memorizing the exact times, routes and stops when I called Cap Metro to get schedule information,” he says. “Now I just send a text message and receive an itinerary on my phone.


Capital Metro has included brief instructions on how to use Dadnab in its latest system maps.  Rick L’Amie, Capital Metro’s vice president of marketing, worked closely with Dadnab to maximize the benefit to Capital Metro’s market.


“Capital Metro welcomes technologies such as Dadnab that make public transportation convenient for a broader base of transit riders,” L’Amie says.


In addition to entering their origins and destinations, Dadnab users can include desired departure or arrival times in their queries. Instructions, examples and support are available through Dadnab’s Web site.


“I find myself riding the bus a lot more often,” says Andy Bauer, a University of Texas student and one of Dadnab’s first users. “Dadnab has changed the way I get around town.”


Dadnab debuted in Austin and is also available in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Seattle and the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state area.